September 7, 2015
How to choose a colour scheme for your logo design

Understanding the psychology of colours is vital to designing an effective logo, The human mind is highly responsive to visual stimuli, and colour is one of the major defining factors in that response. On both a conscious and subconscious level, colours convey meaning – not only in the natural world but also within the artifice of our culture. Graphic designers need to harness the power of colour psychology to bring resonance to their designs – and in no field is this more important than that of logo design. The use of colour can bring multiple layers of meaning, from primitive responses based on millions of years of evolved instinct to the complex associations we make based on learned assumptions. Companies can use these responses to underline and accent their branding messages. And your success as a logo designer will be boosted if you have a thorough understanding of colour psychology. What different colours mean Big brands pick their colours carefully Every colour, including black and white, has implications for logo design. As a designers you need to pick your colours carefully to enhance specific elements of the logo and bring nuance to your message with the use of shade and tone. In general terms, bright and bold colours are attention-grabbing but can appear brash. Muted tones convey a more sophisticated image, but run the risk of being overlooked. More specifically, particular meanings are ascribed to different colours in society… Red implies passion, energy, danger or aggression; warmth and heat. It has also been found to stimulate appetite, which explains why it is used in so many restaurants and food product logos. Choosing red for your logo can make it feel more dynamic. Orange is often see as the colour of innovation and modern thinking. It also carries connotations of youth, fun, affordability and . Yellow requires cautious use as it has some negative connotations including its signifying of cowardice and its use in warning signs. However it is sunny, warm and friendly and is another colour that is believed to stimulate appetite. Green is commonly used when a company wishes to emphasise their natural and ethical credentials, especially with such products as organic and vegetarian foods. Other meanings ascribed to it include growth and freshness, and it’s popular with financial products too. Blue is one of the most widely used colours in corporate logos. It implies professionalism, serious mindedness, integrity, sincerity and calm. Blue is also associated with authority and success, and for this reason is popular with both financial institutions and government bodies. This diagram shows themes commonly associated with particular colours Purple speaks to us of royalty and luxury. It has long been associated with the church, implying wisdom and dignity, and throughout history it has been the colour of wealth and riches. Black is a colour with a split personality. On the one hand it implies power and sophistication, but on the other hand it is associated with villainy and death. More mundanely, most logos will need a black and white version for use in media in which colour is not available – and there is currently a trend for bold monochrome logos and word marks. White is generally associated with purity, cleanliness, simplicity and naiveté. In practical terms, a white logo will always need to stand in a coloured field to make it show up on a white background. Many companies will choose to have a coloured version and a white version of their logos; for example, the Coca-Cola word mark appears in white on its red tins and brown bottles but is used in red when needed on a white background. Brown has masculine connotations and is often used for products associated with rural life and the outdoors. Pink can be fun and flirty, but its feminine associations means it is often avoided for products not specifically targeted at women. These associations are not rigid rules, of course, but they’re worth keeping in mind as you make your colour choices. Remember that the overall impact of your logo design will depend not on the colours themselves but upon how these interact with the shapes and text. Single or multiple colours? Multiple colours are difficult to pull off, but can work To get the maximum impact of your chosen colour’s coded message, I normally stick with a single colour when creating a logo design. That said, there are some very successful multi-coloured logos – think of Google, Windows or eBay. The implication of multiple colours is that these companies are offering a wide choice of products and services. The multiple colours used for the Olympic rings carry a message of diversity and inclusivity. A newly emergent trend in logo design is the use of mosaic patterns and tessellation. These naturally require several colours, ranging from contrasting brights to multiple shades of a single colour. If your client is a global corporation, choose your logo colour with care. There are cultural differences in the way colours are interpreted. For example, red is considered lucky in China, while white is the colour of death and mourning in India. There’s a good round up of the cultural connotations of different colours here. Finally, don’t put too much focus on colour choice. Consider that one in 12 of us suffer from colour blindness. Plus there’s always the likelihood that any logo you produce for a client will end up be reproduced in monochrome, or even in different colours, as they see fit. So make sure your colour choice reinforces and enhances the design of your logo – but doesn’t define it. How do you choose the colours for your logo designs? Share your views in the comments below!

August 27, 2015
Arabic logo design

Arabic logo design …   Arabic language enjoys the privacy of the languages of the world in a range of characters and ways of drawing the Arab arts and crafts. As well as the Arab culture and history, and here’s got to be the Arab slogan special character that distinguish it from the rest of the logos in the world .. The motto of the Arab must represent the privacy of this culture in terms of visions, and in terms of the plan of color .. It affected one way or another religious our culture .. of here we had to be alert for the first sign of this privacy and put inalienable part to highlight the identity of our customers with the Arab world into account in all our business The surrounding environment plays an important role, for example, can not be logo design to an institution in which the desert name without exposure to our Sahara Arab and symbols in terms of color or nature or even choose the appropriate Caldiwana calligraphy type or one-third Many of the companies established outside the Arab world have resorted to us when it decided to target customers from the Arab region co-operation logo design mimics the Arab identity of Western services (in all cases did not give up for the world in the design of the logo) and the World is a global norms word turned into laws .. Conclusion .. Kt_khaschin and consultants in the design of the logo is always keen to highlight the Arab identity in Arabic logo design within the global standards

Logo colors

 Logo colors Logo tag and its strong influence on corporate identity and image of the company or institution in front of an audience makes recipients to think about the details is essential .. The most important factors influencing the logo (colors) This group’s ideas about choosing the colors of your logo 1 / only two colors: At the maximum possible to add a third color but not a key as if the logo in gray and red and then put the point in black Vaatmadk the two colors makes visual balance factor and entrenched mental when stronger customer .. in case we did not care about the financial saving (Print Chromatin less than print three or four) 2 / any colors I choose: a lot of talk in semantics colors psychological and spiritual dimensions and their meanings have been personally convinced in part of such studies (with respect to the logo of course) because the logo is not a large area is an abbreviation shortcut so restrict the choices do not see it Saeb like (technical company color blue for example) or pink raises feelings .. what an ongoing insurgency logo Hui sail in Allamemkn and the absurd 3 / golden rule: always do I manage on the logo through colors Mark your judgment on its shape only imagine in black and white but were not able to do so ask the designer that converts black-and-white to the point .. The colors where the hidden charm might make you choose what is less in terms of artistic value … Taha Frrran / FIRST LOGO

August 8, 2015
Launch a web design service

Web design was a concern throughout the ten years of the Top Design  but we were not to offer a normal service was keen to make a difference in this area In this sense the work team developed has the capacity to be as they appear in front of you in our site does not even exceed much .. We keep up with the latest technology in the world of sites in terms of browsing on mobile devices and smart phones of all kinds and to support all types of browsers, software and script and to provide new technologies to connect with social networking, monitoring and e-commerce sites, including linking with local and global electronic payment systems