Design and dealing with the first sign Foundation Agreement
1. Foundation can not be the first sign that you design any logo violates Islamic law and so as containing pornography or Asthzaiah book or year or any religious symbol, whatever the religion
2. To request can not recover the amount paid after the start of the work in any case and whatever the circumstances calling for it as it is at the request of design or logo printed, it is necessary to pay half or full amount agreed upon before starting the design
3. In the event of a delay in the design, delivery to the customer, and this was the delay caused by a change in customer requirements or delay of work in the delivery of the required materials or any reason whatsoever from the client side, the first brand Foundation will not be responsible for the delay, and must then repayment of the remaining amount of the design value once the end of the period agreed to finish the design.
4. Upon completion of the design of any logo or printed the first sign Foundation is doing all adjustments (non beyond the scope of the agreement) directly during the first week of the design is finished, and then the first sign Foundation is not responsible for any amendments require nor for the implementation of these amendments.
5. The means of communication and the official communication and adopted at the first sign Foundation is the e-mail only, and for the institution first sign is not responsible once and for all any application design, development, modification, or request to solve a problem or an agreement of any kind Ardha through the means of communication is e-mail Whatever the quality of the agreement, no matter what the quality of means of communication, whether fixed or mobile phone, fax, or even personal against the officials in the first sign Foundation.
6. The first sign Foundation is not responsible at all for the actions of the client be delayed in receiving, or agree to Provadtha during a maximum period of 15 days from the date of dispatch reporting the end of the work or rehearsal.
7. When you agree on the details of the contents of the logo to be printed or designed or developed it is not entitled to claim for the client after the addition of any additives however minor or simple costs under the current framework, it is calculated by adding or modifying any new independent cost.
8. The first sign Foundation is not responsible at all for the policies of other intermediate companies that are dealt with, such as electronic payment systems companies, and that the institution is not responsible for products being developed by other companies and that are used to design the logo of a customer (such as forums programs, magazines …), So institution is not committed to any compensation due to the problems that occur because of these companies or these products.
All the conditions precedent conditions necessary for the design or development of any logo or any printed or designed by the Foundation mark the first material