Logo colors Logo tag and its strong influence on corporate identity and image of the company or institution in front of an audience makes recipients to think about the details is essential .. The most important factors influencing the logo (colors) This group’s ideas about choosing the colors of your logo 1 / only two colors: At the maximum possible to add a third color but not a key as if the logo in gray and red and then put the point in black Vaatmadk the two colors makes visual balance factor and entrenched mental when stronger customer .. in case we did not care about the financial saving (Print Chromatin less than print three or four) 2 / any colors I choose: a lot of talk in semantics colors psychological and spiritual dimensions and their meanings have been personally convinced in part of such studies (with respect to the logo of course) because the logo is not a large area is an abbreviation shortcut so restrict the choices do not see it Saeb like (technical company color blue for example) or pink raises feelings .. what an ongoing insurgency logo Hui sail in Allamemkn and the absurd 3 / golden rule: always do I manage on the logo through colors Mark your judgment on its shape only imagine in black and white but were not able to do so ask the designer that converts black-and-white to the point .. The colors where the hidden charm might make you choose what is less in terms of artistic value … Taha Frrran / FIRST LOGO